The Company

History of The Comapany

IMG_3576-2Baragama Arachchige Aberathne was the architect of Samagi Spice Exports (Pvt) Ltd. He was born in the hamlet of Deiyandara in the district of Matara. A few decades ago somewhere in 1960 he started his small scale business of collecting spices like Cinnamon Pepper and Cloves. Which grow in the area his enterprise was called Samagi Stores which was situated at Deiyandara. It was a collecting centre, He carried out his business very successfully selling his collections to the traders in Ambalangoda and Colombo.


He worked round the clock finding strategies to enter the export market. He overcame all the barriers and ultimately made up his mind to enter the export market, instead of selling them to local buyers. As a result of his dedication he was able to incorporate the company as Samagi Spice export (Pvt) ltd on 14 th of September 2012. It was Turning Point of the present progress.

During the months of September to December we sent 6 shipment of cinnamon containing 66160 kgs to USA, PERU and CHILLIE. The total value was $ 633,966.00. From January 2013 up to December 89 shipments were sent containing 1,317,491 kgs of cinnamon and earned $ 11.1 Mn foreign exchange. In the same Year our company became the NO 01 cinnamon exporter in the inland defeating all leading companies.

collecting_center2From 2014 January to December we sent 103 shipments of cinnamon containing 1,550,650 kgs and earned $ 14.5 Mn foreign exchange. In this year also we became as the No 01 Cinnamon exporter. The main countries we export cinnamon are MEXICO, USA, PERU and all the Latin American Countries.

Recently we have entered the Indian export market. Now we export Arecanuts (Betel Nut), Cloves , Pepper & Goraka .The Company has been able to earn foreign exchange which contributed productively and significantly towards the economic development of our country and also provided employment opportunities for the unemployment people in the area. At present company has employed 250 employees in his factory at Makandura. We maintain a good rapport with all growers and suppliers and we also provide necessary guidance and assistance to establish best quality standards whilst assuring the best prices for their products.


about_1We also look-after welfare of the workers of our company take them on annual excursion, bonuses are paid incentives are given to workers to encourage them.
Our main objective is to expand the export and to find new markets in the world and also open our branches in Latin American Countries. We hope to introduce sophisticated products to the world market and strategies have been taken to achieve this goal.

Currently Our Company exports 25 % whole production of spices in the country. We hope to increase it 50% in near future. The cooperation and valuable contribution of the staff and commitment without the company would have not been able to achieve the goal successfully.




To increase the export turnover to cater the demand in world market and earn foreign exchange from 2 Billion per Annum by the year 2020 & continue to be a momentous benefactor to the economic development of the country not only in terms of export revenue but also creating and stimulating self employment in the agricultural sectors and to uplift the lively hood of the people as the best exporter in the cinnamon industry.


Mission :

Upgrade the export sales & intensify market share worldwide by increasing production, value addition & quality standards utilizing modern technology and good manufacturing process and convince highest price for cultivators & suppliers whilst increasing profitability of the company.




The Organizational Structure