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Information of Cinnamon

King of scents!


Cinnamon, (Cinnamomum verum), also called Ceylon cinnamon, a bushy evergreen tree of the laurel family and the spice derived from its bark. Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka, Malabar Coast of India, and Myanmar (Burma) and now cultivated in South America and the West Indies.

The Cinnamon Trees

The tree grows in moist well-drained soils and rarely reaches more than 15 meters (49 feet) in height.

Cinnamon Gone Global

Sri Lanka produces around 90% of the cinnamomum verum (cinnamon variety) used across the world.

Qualities of Cinnamon

Cinnamomum Verum grown in Sri Lanka comes in 4 different varieties or scales, ranging from Alba through to Continental and Mexican, and finally Hamburg.

A Little Science

Cinnamon contains 100 times more TE or Trolox equivalents than Apples; this is the measurement of Oxygen radical absorbance.

Samagi Spice Export - Ceylon Spices

A True Treasure

Pure Cinnamon

The spice is dark in color and has a gently aromatic perfume and a warm sweet flavor. It is made up of dried inner bark. Cinnamon is used to flavor a wide range of meals, from desserts to curries to drinks, and is often employed in baked items. The bark pieces are distilled into essential oil, which is used in cuisine, liqueur, perfume, and pharmaceuticals.

The True Ancestor

Ceylon Cinnamon

More than 80 chemical components make up Ceylon cinnamon. The key component of cinnamon bark is cinnamaldehyde, while the major component of cinnamon leaf oil is eugenol.

In the spice sector, this precious spice has been acknowledged as the most useful. It is utilized in medication, perfume manufacturing, and beverages, in addition to being a natural spice. Cinnamon is currently widely utilized in pharmaceutical, bakery, and cosmetic sectors all over the world.

Ceylon cinnamon has a worldwide reputation for its distinct scent, high quality, health advantages, and ultra-low coumarin content. The quills are made in a distinctive technique that is only found in Sri Lanka. This expertise has been passed down through the generations for decades.

Samagi Spice Export - Ceylon Spices